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lipsmacker, Female, 45, USA, Minnneapolis 31-10-2007

I married my husband because he was disabled


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tessy, Female, 46, Canada, edmonton 6-11-2007
PLEASE HEAR is never ok for anyone to hit you....not even if you have a low self esteem and they are doesnt give him the right and he WILL do it again....once that line is crossed it can never be uncrossed. You need to leave and you should definatly not stay with him out of pity for him nor punishment for you think he didnt know your vulnerable? he knew. get away before he he hits you again....i have been there and its all downhill from here

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 5-11-2007
lipsmacker y would u marry anyone u didnt want to is beyond me,but u must hav seen somethin good in ur disabled husband to marry him. u cant be that bad if u married a disabled guy that tells me u have a good heart anyway. u said u were fat well get off ur ass n excercise n cut back on ur eating n get ur ass in shape sweetheart. its not going to be handed to u, u hav to work on it. u get wat u put into it,so put ur heart in it n I can tell u hav lots of heart. dont worry bout ur husband thats disabled cause i've fooled around with a few disabled guy n they can be creative