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ruby, Female, 52, USA, freehold 11-11-2007

I love a ghost


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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 12-11-2007
theres nothin wrong with lovin u ex,but hes like most guys whoredogs,but i'm ok with those types of guys. so u did try to give him his fantasy n still he cheated,thats jus guys for ya. i dont even think bout serious relationships after marrying a rich guy that left me for his family n friends putting me down as trash. i was a dedicated wife for him but after all the shit went down i screwed every friend of his that put me down n called me a whore,except 2 of them n if i ever get the chance n they comeback to town i will truly fuck thier brains out,jus for the hell of it. he hated it wen he found out bout me screwing his friends but he deserved it n i was glad to do it. so darlin roll with it n find u a few partners to play with n see how he likes it. fuck his friends its jus sex.