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DeadlySinner17, Male, 32, USA, Portland 15-11-2007



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JohnnyThePrick, Male, 51, Australia, melbourne 27-12-2007
lolololololololololololololo...........i woodnt say smoking pot every 2 weex is an addiction sweety. its not a sin and youre a heatlthy teenage boy. there is NOTHING rong with u.

pmf197, Female, 44, United Kingdom, Cheltenham 22-11-2007
You may think having some weed every once in a while is a sin - perhaps everyone around you thinks it is and they make you feel that way - but I smoke weed every couple of weeks, and I graduated top of my class at uni and have a fifty grand a year job. It won't make you stupid, and it won't ruin your life - but don't do it every day, don't start doing nothing but smoke weed (let's face it, when you smoke you don't feel like doing anything else), and just do it to have a good giggle with your friends, sleep well and feel refreshed the next day. Balance in everything. And stay off any hard drugs - they are never worth it, trust me.

iggy52, Male, 63, USA, chicago 16-11-2007
A lot of things are from God but can be harmful in excess. Mud is from God and so are earthquakes and Tsunami. If you think you cannot control your use of weed contact the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous for help. Really, you're lucky. I waited and used weed for 27 years before I got help. For 27 years weed was the center of my life instead of my family and my career. is the website.

psychonaut_33, Male, 34, Canada, Peterborough 15-11-2007
If it makes you feel any better....Pot, mushrooms and peyote are FROM god....hes not upset.....look this sort of stuff up...look up the word "entheogen"