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mish_mash_rox, Female, 31, South Africa, Johannesburg 30-3-2006

My life


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CARRIEDATTEMPTS, Male, 38, South Africa, NELSPRUIT 31-5-2006
even though i am also south african, i know what it feels like to be depressed, remember that jesus died for you and that even when we feel as though everything in our lives is not working, god is always there for us to put our trust in, we must just believe!!!! god bless you dave

dipstick, Male, 65, United Kingdom, luton 9-4-2006
Don't let it get to you mish- mash-rox you sound like any other every day kid. believe me it all turns out in the end. just don't be fooled into thinking drugs are the answer, you see it in the press all the time how they mess you up and make things ten times worse in the end. just give it time.

fancyface, Female, 30, Canada, Winnipeg 30-3-2006
hi, i just read your confession, and i wanted to say it really touched me, because i feel the exact same way you do, everyone thinks that your so happy and everything is fine, but its really not and you dont know what to do anymore... but the thing is we have to look on the bright side of things, not the dark parts ... if you know what i mean. Just hold strong, and maybe we can both get through it.

Big Dave, Male, 51, United Kingdom, Slough 30-3-2006
Just chill out, no need to get all suicidal, that is the lossers way out and you don't want to be thought of as a losser. It proably is hormonal but that doesn't make it any better, you are young and without sounding patronising you just need to take up your spare time living life not getting out of it on drugs. Your mind and body are still developing and you don't need to fcuk it all up by doing all the shti that's out there. Get yourself a man/lad you can trust and go and do some crazy shti like bungee, get the adrenaline high it's is the best. leave the drugs until you've stopped growing. You never know you may never need them, life can be pretty fcuked up on it own, if you don't believe me ask the kiwi who gets on here he seems a sound bloke....mind you he is a kiwi!!!!!!