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mitsy3999, Female, 31, Australia, Sydney 1-12-2007

my mans bestfriend


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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 31-12-2007
girl ur attraction wont go much longer without acting on that attraction to ur b/f's best friend. we love that abrasive attitude that rubs us the wrong way,just like a 3 day old beard on the face of a lover scratchin our inner thighs as he works that wet tongue of his in us. u kno u want this guy n he wants u,so dont b coy n act like u dont,jus give in to wat u want n enjoy urself. i dont think u'll regret it,but u'll regret not doing it with him. u kno i'm right. in situations like urs everythin is amplified many times n u need this,for urself.