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WorstPersonEver, Female, 44, USA, San Antonio 28-2-2008

I gave someone horrible advice and assisted them in runing their lives.


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chillie6, Female, 56, United Kingdom, London 27-1-2009
You shouldn't blame yourself. At the end of the day you were in a grief stricken condtion and she insisted on asking for your advice then SHE chose to take it. She had a choice she could take your advice and something unethical or she could not. It's her own fault and she shouldn't blame you. If she continues to blame you and stress you out I'm afraid you will have to not see her as much anymore because you are driving yourself crazy worrying about her when you should be grieving and getting your mind right. Good luck x

1TinyCock, Male, 68, USA, Chandler 11-3-2008
Well you may feel like the worst person ever, but if you did not give this bad advise purposely, then I would say that you just made a bad decision concerning an important friend with terrible consequences. Your friend made a worse decision when she acted on advice from a person that she should have known better to trust such risky ideas. Her ethics were not sound in the first place to be talked in to something that could ruin her life. Yeah, you messed up, but she really did something stupid when she acted on bad advice. Prisons are full of such people.