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IloveRandyRomo, Female, 42, USA, Dallas 27-12-2008

Having an affair with another man while being married


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starlightaura, Female, 54, USA, Indianapolis 11-1-2009
Sweets I just got out of one of the most terrible relationships with a married man. I, too, am married. I have been married 22 years. The man I was having an affair with I found just wanted to use me. For nearly 4 years we were involved. The more he stayed and asked for me to be with him or to be intimate with me (by phone or in person) the more I fell in love with him. He never expressed one word of love. Eventually, I got the idea I was just being used. It got to be very painful. Here he was married. I didn't want him to leave his wife for me. I wanted him to express love. I wanted to feel that our relationship was more than just sex. Even if he had said that he loved me...I would have wondered why he would remain with his wife...and still be fooling with me. I couldn't endure the relationship. He got me pregnant. I had a miscarriage...and he neglected me terribly. And even when I was getting ready to lose my marriage he acted as if he cared for me yet still asked for sex. The day he started to give me his fantasy of seeing me with another woman...and telling me that he wanted me to somehow get involved with her and then bring her with me to see him at one of our secret rendevous that is when I knew he didn't care for me. He didn't love me. He was using me...and he was getting his temporary fix. I was in love...and I needed him. I really needed him. And even though at first I got all swept up with my affair with him...the excitement of being in his arms...all it amounted to was that he did NOT love me and he was using me good because I was allowing it. This man was stripping me of my dignity every day....every week. And I allowed it. This man was David Christensen. His son is an actor. Also, David was very good at justifying why he was doing what he was doing. He said, "My wife doesn't have anything to do with me." He got me to feel sorry for his sorry situation...which with a little effort, care and love he could have fixed. Instead I was the one loving him.....and giving him all my him all my him every intimate part with me....and what did I get? Nothing but humiliation. I hope your situation with this man is more solid. I hope he plans to be honest with you. And I hope you both can live with all of that. I know I could not handle David Christensen suffocating me. All the rest about my affair is at It won't be open to public for very much longer. I just wanted to comment because I remember feeling the same way that you did....just before all the heartbreak. His daughter eventually called me and confirmed the affair. It was a dreadful thing. And because of who David's son is....David thought he could invade my privacy by breaking into my email account and deleting our email exchanges and to get away with it. He was a man doing criminal things against me. He threatened to do things to me and to humiliate me publicly by taking photos he had asked me to make of him and post them all over the internet. I had never made photos for any man in my life. I did all that I did because I loved him. I hope that your situation is more solid. I hope for your sake. Good luck and best wishes.