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taylor57, Male, 59, USA, Columbus 13-1-2009

A younger woman


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Comments By Other Users

MissCharmed, Female, 31, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
She's a child FFS!!! You are destroying your wife bit by bit doing what you're doing. I hope you realize that. Woman aren't stupid.

chillie6, Female, 56, United Kingdom, London 27-1-2009
If you're having fun and enjoying life again why not? She is a fully fledged adult and a willing, consenting partner and good company for you, so knock yourself out! :)

ohman333, Male, 30, USA, staten island 23-1-2009
nice man. some people only get yo live the dream once, some never get to live it. you get to live it twice. just dont catch anything