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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 33, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009

My hated little problem.


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scrat, Female, 50, United Kingdom, sheffield 15-3-2009
Before commenting on this confession, I'd just like to suggest that tam103 should fuck off back to the US and join the Mormons or some such narrow minded group of judgemental social misfits..... To Mr Confessor, I'd say that although successful bullshitting and getting something for nothing may give you the illusion that youre on top of the game, it only really indicates that you feel the need to make up for some internal lack. If you get honest and identify the inadequecies you feel, real or unreal, you won't need to use such complicated methods of camoflauge and save yourself a lot of hard work. Bet youve got a great memory if youre that good at bullshit! But at the end of the day, the surge of confidence/superiority that you might get from convincing others dosent really work because the person you really need to impress is yourself, and unfortunately you know youre talking crap! However, the very fact youve written this and stated that its a problem means that youre not happy with the situation and want tochange it. So best of luck to ya! Youre still pretty young so its much easier to learn new tricks!!

NotHalfOfIt, Male, 33, South Africa, Joburg 10-2-2009
Thanks guys you really are the sweetest bunch of people to make me feel so much better about this phsycological problem caused by either the 2 years I spent in clinics for depression and self harm or my asshole father who beat me since the age of 7... thanks for the love and support there tam103.

tam103, Female, 41, USA, London 20-1-2009
God your such a loser you dont deserve any friends i hope something bad happens to you in the future

theboss, Male, 75, Zambia, Chipata 13-1-2009
Get counselling. NOW!