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PixelDawn, Female, 32, Australia, Away From You 20-1-2009

I Love You, But You Dont Love Me?


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chaoticdreamer17, Male, 37, USA, Los Angeles 28-5-2009
I really wish you success when you confess to him again. good luck!

chaoticdreamer17, Male, 37, USA, Los Angeles 28-5-2009
seeing how much you feel about him, I'd say gather the courage and confess again. people change and in my opinion/experience ... men are never too hard to get ... =)

MissCharmed, Female, 33, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
Wow woman! You write beautifully by they way. Do you know that? You should think of starting a blog.. if you haven't already. I hope everything works out for you. And him. It's true love if you want him to be happy... no matter what. * Respect*