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itsalwaysgoingabeyou, Female, 33, USA, new york 19-6-2009



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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 72, United Kingdom, manchester 27-6-2009
Your situation sounds a bit like mine, I was friends with this girl and her sister, they were my only 2 friends, her sister stopped being friends with me for some unknown reason. anyway be and my friend stayed friends for one year after and then one day when I saw her she just ignored me because she was with her friend and I talked to her that I was not happy about this via msn and she wouldnt admit she was in the wrong, on the day when she was supposed to come round to my house she rang me before hand like she always does but my mum said don't answer her, she rang several times and then when I finally did answer she was really mad at me for ignoring her and turned the blame from her downfall to me so we broke up and now a year later she has got in touch with me via youtube, still hasn't apologised but I started talking to her again. and I don't have any friends now so I was thiniking about maybe being her friend again and letting her come, my mum didnt like her very much but she had at least one chance for coming again but then she blew it by ignoring me on youtube and now months later she got in touch again but I'm not being very nice to her now because she reported her mum for no important reason