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thirstykirsty, Female, 33, USA, LA 27-4-2006



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helpnxt, Male, 32, United Kingdom, crewe 28-4-2006
hey yeh it is totally legal and i even know girls hu ave u can get bout £10 (english) for a pair it sounds a real gd way of makin money but iam a guy and lost out on that buisness opportunity dam it lol

silky, Male, 61, United Kingdom, birmingham 28-4-2006
I dont have brothers kirsty but you sound like a real good sister to yours.

should0I, Male, 33, USA, ... 28-4-2006
ill take one but not the one your brother used

dirtyden, Male, 41, United Kingdom, london 28-4-2006
legal or not i would sure like a pair of your panties, yum yum.