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akarudegurl, Female, 32, USA, Atlanta 15-11-2006

My New Teacher


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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 15-3-2007
thats normal for a 17 yr old to have the hots for his teachers but with all the big mouth stupid braggers out there ,u probably dont have a shot to get with her. i had crushes on my teachers and even touched one of my teachers inner thigh for a few minutes but that was it,it went no further. i'm sure it could have but i scared to death he was going send me to the office but he didnt thankfully and i was too scared to do itagain. but i'm sure u've seen all the news of boys bragging to thier friends and screwing up a great thing. girls dont brag like guys do and i'm sure there are male teachers doing thier female students but because girls can keep thier mouths shut about it,it goes unnoticed. to get with ur teacher u'd have to assure her ur not a blabber mouth and stick to it. i mean not even telling ur closest friend about it at all. flirting always works and also asking question that are suggestive. i'm saying screw ur teacher but if u do keep ur mouth shut.