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lostgurl, Female, 40, USA, Miami 18-5-2006

cheating revenge


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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 15-3-2007
the best way to get revenge is fuck his best friend or fuck one of his enemy's. i was married to a rich guy wen i was 19 n he divorced me 6 months later because of his friends n family not approving of my poor girl dropped out of high school status. his friends put me down soo bad n he listened to them n ended up divorcing over it, well after the divorce i starting fucking all his friends, these r the same friends that low dogged me to him. i slept with his sister and fucked everyone of those friends but 2 of them and i swear i'm going screw them to b4 its all over if they move back here. anyway he called me up asking me not to be seeing his friends that they didnt like me,at which time i instructed him it must be the great sex i'd ben giving them. he asked i was doing this to him, i said i'm not doing anything to u sweetheart,its ur soo-called friends i'm doing to. he hung up. soo to get him good screw someone that he likes or hates. enuff said.