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ecdm, Female, 33, USA, Spruce Pine

It scares the hell out of me when people care about or love me. Is there something wrong with me?

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smokalot, Male, 40, Canada, novar 25-1-2007
true love is a good thing, that should not be scary...what are you scared of???

StepperC, Female, 42, USA, Kirkland 17-4-2006
I don't think you should think of it in contexts of 'right' and 'wrong'. Feelings are raw reactions, things you can't help. What you CAN help is how you react to them. I'm an introvert, and so it taxes my reserves to have people around me all the time. Going along with that, I get easily overwhelmed when someone loves/cares about me so much that they're always around craving my attention. It's a big responsibility to protect someone else's emotions, especially when our own are so confused. I know our situations aren't the same, but I think they're similar. Perhaps your feelings are symptoms of some other issue - maybe it's not that you're scared to be loved, maybe it's that you feel overwhelmed by the responsibility, or you feel guilty because you don't care about them on the same level, or maybe your self esteem is getting in the way. But please don't start chaining yourself with thoughts that you're abnormal or 'wrong'. Feelings are feelings. They just are. Again, it's what we do with them that defines us.

you0are0all0fucked0up, Male, 62, Greece, south 11-4-2006
....u much be hot then dont worry im not a old guy i made up all my info

william, Male, 52, Canada, toronto 10-4-2006
i find ur comment interesting from someone so young

william, Male, 52, Canada, toronto 10-4-2006
why did u respond

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