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Online Dating

shelly, Female, 56, USA, NY

Ok I met this amazing guy online. We talked on the phone and I felt myself really falling for him. There was just one problem - I didn't know what he looked like. So of course I made sure not to commit before we met. We met today and I am not physically attracted to him. We had an argument about this before and he called me shallow for counting physical beauty. Ok, let me just say I do not put ALL the emphasis on looks. Though I will not be seeing him again because he completely turns me off. Everytime he comes close, I move away as if repelled. He's telling me that physical beauty should not matter - only inner. And that because I let it matter, I am shallow. I do not think of myself as shallow. But I guess I am if I won't date a guy because of how he looks. He doesn't know how I feel and I didn't have the heart to tell him so I will make up a lie about another guy to let him down easier. Do you think I'm shallow for not dating someone that I find physically revolting?

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Comments By Other Users

luv1anutha, Male, 59, USA, Albuquerque, 20-11-2008
Sounds like the elephant man is the one who is shallow Shelly. He's using cohersive measures to gain your appeal without telling you his elephant manliness. He should of warned you after warming you. Send him back to his cage and move on girlfriend.

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 4-6-2007
screw him looks means alot to me. i've ben with ugly ppl and couldn't find an orgasm even wen i did it myself cause my mind was on this ugly fucker between my legs n wondering y i even let him in me,so fuck everybody, they have to at least be a lil appealing n attractive in my book, woman or man. daina

Dank, Male, 53, USA, NYC 5-5-2006
Hi shelly, I confessed to an affair with my own sister which came out by complete accident, you can read it under bro+sis. I am married and have been fantasizing about an affir, I consider myself good looking, but thats for you to judge. If you would like just to talk, let me know. Jack

helpnxt, Male, 33, United Kingdom, crewe 3-4-2006
omg no that isnt shallow if u want to date some1 u ave to like em in a physical way

turkishgirl, Female, 46, Turkey, istanbul 6-3-2006
Just do what you think will make you happy.

steve, Male, 46, United Kingdom, Birmingham 6-3-2006
It sounds like to me you sghould go for it.

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