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Love Confession


qtredbtm, Female, 45, USA, Seattle

My very favorite type of foreplay is beyond a doubt spanking. If I can convince a partner to spank me I experience unbelievable organisms.

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Comments By Other Users

demente, Male, 52, Germany, ILLESEIM 22-1-2007
I think I know how u feel... I love for my partner to scratch the hell of my back. I even enjoy when bitten. I mean pretty much till my chest bleeds. It's when I get the best orgasm!!!

dirtyden, Male, 40, United Kingdom, london 22-4-2006
dont think you would have much trouble getting me to spank you, i could go along with that.

Big Dave, Male, 51, United Kingdom, Slough 18-4-2006
My Ex liked to be spanked when I was thrusting into her from behind. In fact, like you, she had better orgasums when I slapped her arse very hard. Fair play to you.

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