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I love another women

coolguy, Male, 59, United Kingdom, Glasgow

My wife and I have been on the rocks for 4 years. We have a son whom we both love very much and have remained together. (I know it's not a great reason to remain together, but it's the way it is). I've been in touch by phone with an old girlfriend (who lives 800 miles away) who I love very much, but she is married and will stay unhappily married until her two young sons are grown. Recently, I met someone who is divorced with three girls and we are falling deeply in love with each other. We haven't been intimate and have decided not to until I'm available. We only meet in public and only during the day. She's the most gorgeous woman I've ever met, both inside and out. We're both strong Christians and want to handle this the best way possible. I've fallen madly in love with her as she has with me but I can't go on living a lie with the any of the people in my life, and I want any other Christians out there to please pray for all of us.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 17-3-2007
coolguy i call it like i see it. ur a christian thats seeing 2 other women besides ur wife ,real christ-like,huh. i mean i'm a whore in south georgia n i admit it. i was raised christian but love sex n addicted to it thats the bottomline. y do u think if u cant make it with ur wife u can make it with the other 2. plus u said u loved the one 800 miles from u but also have another woman to. ur just a horny fucker like me thats using christianity to justify wat ur doing. adultery starts in the heart not physically. ur already in trouble n god doesnt justify u. if u cant forgive ur wife for watever has caused the split between u 2 then god cant forgive u.

kittikat, Female, 42, United Kingdom, London 19-4-2006
Hi I am a strong Christian and my deepest desire is to live for Christ and Christ alone. I think you really need to think about the consequences e.g what will God say to you when you meet Him? Do you think He will approve what you are doing? Now don't get me wrong, I really feel for you, cause I know what it's like to love someone you can't have. But I'm not married. When you marry, especially if you are both Christians, you are committed for life. Marriage is such a beautiful thing that God created, I think you should pray about it lots, get some GOOD GODLY advice, get counselling, try EVERYTHING!!! You have a wife, she is a woman of God, God designed her in His own beauty and you should be living for her and loving her just as Christ loves His Church. What would happen if God just gave up on us? How many times have we all stuffed up in love, yet God continues to adore us. You just need to love your wife , adore her, treay her special, go back and do the things that you did when you met her, have fun, talk to her, make her feel soooo loved and then you will both be happy. I believe in you mate!! With God you can achieve anything you want to. But please consider your wife, think about the reasons you married her, go back to the start and learn to love each other again. Well God bless you :) I will pray for you.

kook&mamm, Male, 57, New Zealand, nelson 17-3-2006
yeah thats something that happens and there is alot more of this going on than you think, ok you are a christain and you believe in what the bible says, if that is so then stay true to those beliefs and tell your wife what is happening , who you feel... you may be surprised how she reacts, you may want to try this with a councilor, try not to get to hung up on god and dont blame the devil , we are all humans and we are all blessed with natural feelings, love lust envy joy are but afew , ask yourself how your child will be affected by this if you do leave, I came from a broken home and it still makes me hurt sometimes 35yrs latter. just be honest thats all you can do.and if you are really into god dont feel condemed or guilty for your feelings. remember the spirit of god is uplifting only. one last thing ,I am married with 2 great children I love my wife and would not wont to destroy everything we have built together, I still have feelings for old girlfriends and there is aways going to be beuatiful woman around , its what you do about it that matters in life, take care.

fitterhappier, Male, 40, USA, nashville 16-3-2006
You made a promise to your current wife that you would have and hold her until the day you die. This does not mean that you have the right to run off and fall in love with another woman. Christianity is about making a promise and loving that promise for your entire life. The truth is you are discontent with your marriage and this new girl is exciting. You run off with her and you will regret it. I promise. Fight as a man, with the integrity and character of a man to love your wife and family. Love truly is devotion. What we are trained to do in this society is look for what makes us feel good at all times... and wheh your wife doesn't give you those little goosbumps any more and when she is causing you grief you just leave her.... its easier that way isn't it. Do yourself a favor don't delude yourself with Christian morals while you are having an emotional affair with another woman. Be honest with yourself because right now all you have is self deception. I have done the same thing my entire life and I am sick of it. The straight and narrow road is the harder of the two. Be a Man!

psychonaut_33, Male, 34, Canada, Peterborough 16-3-2006
Well i can say this Proverbs 11: 29.... "He who brings trouble on his family will inherit only wind..."

beautifulxDisaster, Female, 36, USA, Thomasville 7-3-2006
I think that you should go with who you are happy for. Without your happiness what good is your life? Being happy with someone is important. People with children divorce all the time just dont let it seperate you from your children. Its better that you are happy with someone else, rather than to be miserable in a marriage with someone else. SO my advice would be to break it off easy, and just go get whats making you happy. hope I could help :]

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