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Love Confession


yme, Male, 33, USA, Rockville

today she called back after a weekend of me trying to reach her. Got mad at me after 4th of july. --phone calls
we went supposedly to go study...i pick up AM at her house too. then we all go to school. couldnt borrow the book because i didnt have a summer 08 sticker. We then went to the public library to look for the math textbook. i helped out a chinese lady find some books for her kids. then we went to Borders for a while. Bought drinks, left.... made a quick stop to Best Buy. i stay in the car and talk w/AM while SA goes in to look for a dvd. I go drop AM off at her house.. and then let SA drive back home.

We talk some of the way about nothing in particular, the radio is up loud, windows down. Once she parks and i get out to change seats, she puts her latte temporarily on the car, and looks through her bag. Then as i was about to say goodbye, she asks me, wondering how long it we will be tomorrow at AM's house. AM had invited us over to cook something.

She mentions that she has a date later tomorrow evening, at 6:30. For a brief second I wanted to ask more. The suprise itself was enough to stop me. But all i said was "cool". As I was getting into my car... i said quietly.."good night". But she heard me and said good night too.

As i was backing out and getting ready to leave, I had to pause to go around a parked car in the way. It was right in front of her house. I took a glance at her door, she was about to go inside, she sees me, and says "bye" again.

I hold up my hand in a wave. I turn on the radio again and drive out of her neighborhood slowly, keeping the windows down.

This memory, painful as it may be, is something that id like to remember

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Comments By Other Users

lilhottie01, Female, 31, USA, tulsa 19-7-2008
hey r u stuck on that one chick still? cuz if not u can always talk to me! i bet im hotter and better in bed then she is! =)

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