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I saw my sister through the window

Caliman, Male, 55, USA, umm

I have always been attracted to my sister for as long as I can imaging. Even when we ewere children, there was something about her that made me want to be around her as much as I could. She is now in her late 30' and I am in my mid 40's.

A year ag or so, we were both at our moms home for a long weekend or some occasion. That same feeling arose knowing that she was around. Now she has never made any indication that she feels the same about me that I can tell.

But there came an opportunity at night when she would take a shower, that I was able to look into the bathroom window throuh a small crack, and see unclothed her from the waist up! I cant tell you how nervous I felt and excited at the same time! To actually see her breasts fully exposed was an incredible sight!

They were still very full and her nipples were slightly hard and medium sized! I often wish I could relive that moment over many times!

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MainMan1, Male, 55, United Kingdom, Bristol 28-6-2009
The next time you & your sister are alone tell her about your fantasy. That you would like to have sex with her. Tell her that it is a 1 off remember to use a condom this will reduce the chances of you getting her pregnant beause she i still of child bearing age.

m2m4, Male, 60, USA, Garnerville 21-2-2009
Enjoy your memory and stroke it thinking of her but be glad that you never touched her. I saw my sister naked many times and I sometimes think she was aware of it , but I am older now and glad I never tried anything.

chillie6, Female, 56, United Kingdom, London 27-1-2009
Tell her that if you had a partner or wife you always wanted her to look like your sister. Flatter and tell her how you've never known a woman to be so beautiful and any man would be lucky to have her...When you look at her do it intently if she blushes you can put your hand her shoulder and tell her not to be silly...See what happens from there. Also, try a few 'accidents' walk in her in the bathroom when she is naked or on the toilet then don't leave straightaway just look at her then go...

philatio, Male, 60, USA, cali 18-7-2008
let her walk in on you jerking off

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 16-7-2008
caliman i can tell u this,u will never kno if u dont do sumthin. i've screwed 3 cousin's n 1 uncle ,but fucked uncle 4 money but my cousin 4 fun. i can sex is sex 2 me,family or not,even tho i wouldnt fuck my uncle ever again. 1 sure way 2 kno if shes up 4 the adventure is flirt with her n tell her u had always fancied her even tho yaw were siblings n ask her if she thinks that strange or not,then go from there. talkin sexually is a big plus,talk of past experiences n the great sex u've had,get her turned on by ur experiences. get her drunk n she'll spill her heart 2 u and let her gaurd down4 u or her 2 make a move on u. it happens more times than u kno. many times if u accidently let her c you naked somehow with a nice hard on,or catch u jacking off she will start thinkin sexually toward u n get turned on,even tho ur her brother. i'm not kiddin flesh is hot no matter who it is.

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