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This is tough to swallow.

RowdyNYoung, Male, 40, USA, RayCity

I'm still in a relationship with my mom,but it's not so great these days. I regret the day I turned her on to drugs. Drugs have taken hold of both of us and it sucks. I love her soo much and I can't keep her drugs,hell I can't even supply myself and its hard to watch her go back in the dealers room knowing what she has to do for us. I've even had to do things I'm not proud of and the worse part was she was watchin me degrade myself for another hit of something that'skilling us. I've went to the catholic church priest but it didn't help. My mom knows its a matter of time before some of these tapes are out there in our neighborhood and she cries and cusses me out cause shes hooked and I did get her on it. I am responsible and I'm hurting inside from what I've done. I have sold my mom and lover, my best friend out to a bunch of drug dealing black guys who must laugh at us for our messes,but we're stuck. She'll be back over there all day tomorrow working for her drugs. She hasn't work not a public job in awhile now. She just sells herself for me and for her. She is
not like before,you can see her whole skeleton and I'm scared she may die. I'm 50 pounds lighter to,but I don't about me. We've lost everythin and I miss being online,but thanks to someone losing this laptop I'm having until they cut it off I guess.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 23-8-2008
rowdy u seem soo lost bout wat 2 do. all i can tell u is get off the drugs n get ur luvr or mother watever u call her off drugs 2. i couldnt imagine doin wat u've done 2 sum 1 i luv. its dun now find the strength 2 turn ur luv around n do the rite thing. my mom n dad died wen i was 5 yrs old n a train crash n i was raised by my grandparents who i luv. i've ben wild n out of control n still 2 adventurous 4 sum around me,but i'd never hurt them n any manner as u hav hurt ,i'll call her ur luvr not mother,it sounds better. u luv her i understand that n u did wat thought u had 2 do 2 keep her,but she's ur mother thats fuckin everythin n 4 wat,drugs. i've slept around 4 money so i'm not condemning u or her,but this is ur mom n luvr that u say u luv n i'm sure u do. its jus u need help kickin the drug habit,go get help.

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