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deepthroat69, Male, 36, United Kingdom, Portsmouth

Hi i am a 23 yr old guy, since i can remember i hav liked to dress in womens clothing, started off goin into my sisters rooms wen they were out wen i was young n tryin there clothes on, i hav come a bit further now, i now hav almost a full wardrobe of womens clothin, from bras n thongs to dresses.
my family hav no idea, my fav outfit is my knee high boots, tights, thong, black mini skirt, red corset with 34 E bra filled with fake breasts and my red tight top, feels soooo good!
i have wanted to hav a guy dominate me for yrs, i hav loads of dildos and toys i hav used, sum r pretty huge! they feel soo good, i need a man inside of me!! i want to taste cum so badly!!
anyone out there who likes the sound of this?
x x

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Shifu, Female, 31, Canada, winnipeg 13-11-2008
Good for you! live your life how you want to, I applaud you for coming out and telling us, I believe that date who you want to date, marry who you want to marry and dress how you want to dress. I'm female, but if I was male I would totally date you.

naughtyboi, Male, 34, United Kingdom, st ives 1-9-2008
Hmm that sounds so gd, really wud like to taste some cock and cum about now.. Jst sittin here in a mini skirt nd strappy top at the mo playin with my hard cock and thinkin of all the things we cud do to each other.. xx

hornygirlboy, Male, 35, United Kingdom, southampton 30-8-2008
Hmmm is that an offer? with me dressed in my fav outfit wud u? u wud hav to do other things aswell ;-P im sat here at the moment in a pencil skirt and tight white jumper one hand playin with my big boobs and the other rapped around my cock thinkin wat we cud do. and yes id love for you to fill my mouth with your hot cum! so hard right now! x x x

john08, Male, 31, United Kingdom, portsmouth 28-8-2008
i would happiily cum dwn ur throat for you if thats wot u want

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