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sweetiepie, Female, 32, Canada, Kingston

I have a boyfriend of many months and no one knows i havent told anyone yet all my friends and family think im single but really im so happy with him im 16 and hes 24 we plan on getting married and having kids when im done high school we are moving in together i met him on the internet and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and not a single person knows..only u guys who read this now..hehe

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stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago 11-5-2009

smokalot, Male, 40, Canada, novar 25-1-2007
if you met him on the internet, there is a good chance he is a perv. be very careful, especially if nobody knows him. its easy for someone to say "i love u" to get what they want, and maybe he wants sex and not a relationship...lying is never a good thing. keep your family close, because they care for you more than anyone...if its true love wait until your 18 so its at least legal...if he truly loves you he will wait for you, and hopefully by then your parents will be ok with u dating him...good luck and be careful

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