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Love Confession

i still love him.

vampyra, Female, 32, Canada, Hell

I met him about 2 years ago, and he became my whole life. We fell so hard for eachother. He said I was perfect for him in every single way, that he loved me just as I am. Before him, I had never had a boyfriend or nothing. And he awoke so many desires in me, that pathetically, I was always horny. I wanted to wait till marriage and he agreed, but he'd let me listen to him over the phone every now and then. And vice-versa. He said that I never had to worry, that he'd always come back to me. That I was the only woman for him. That I was the only good thing in his life. We were going to get married in summer of '09. I had to hide our relationship from everyone, because no one would approve. Then in mid June he disappeared. For 2 whole months. And I got worried, and stressed, but I believed he would come back to me because he always assured me he would. And I believed him. In mid August, I finally got an email from him. He said that he found somewhere in his bible where it says that Christians can only marry other christians. I am not christian. He says he can't marry me. He still loves me. But we can't be together. And with that he left. Just like that, with that email, he ripped my life into pieces. Now I'm alone. I still remember his voice, and all the sweet secrets he whispered in my ears. I remember his breathing getting heavier, his voice getting husky, I remember it all. I remember everything he said he would like to do to me. I remember it all. I know I will never have him. I don't wish to love again. But he left me a horny, broken mess. I get so wet and I don't know how to deal with it. I'm a good little virgin girl. I don't know how to deal with these feelings. And I cannot continue living being punished for what I cannot change. I will die a virgin. I will always love him. I wish love had been enough.

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Comments By Other Users

chillie6, Female, 57, United Kingdom, London 27-1-2009
Don't let this user ruin your life! Because that is what he is. He can't marry you 'because you are not a Christian'? Oh, but it's okay for him to have sex with you? Just exactly what kind of Christian is that? It isn't any Christianity I have ever heard of maybe you should have a word with his pastor just to find out! You are better than sitting there moping over a guy who wanted you for nothing more than sex and when you get serious about him, he ups and leaves with an email! Girl you are going to have to put this down to experience and move on. Go out with your friends and try to forget him. It will be hard you are pretty hurt but you have given him your life and your precious virginity which he took and then pissed off. HE USED YOU get that into your head and then move on...Whatever you do don't let this waste of space sweet talk you ever again. He is probably out there using the same lines on some other innocent young woman. Hold your head up and get on with your life and good luckX

ajilala, Male, 70, USA, sugarland 29-9-2008
hey cheer up its all part and parcel of life.look forward may be it was for your betterment.u have enough time to reach your peak.its not end of the world.release yr pressure by means of exchanging yr sexual desires unless u come across the right person.dont supress yr feeling.i may be helpful for your freshness.keep it up...........


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