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Love Confession

I cant let go...

beautifulxDisaster, Female, 35, USA, Thomasville

I fell in love with this guy, we've dated for 5 months NO fights not problems he treated me like a queen. I could definatley tell he loved me, and I mean when we were together we'd lay there looking in each others eyes and just smile.. we did everything together, I have risked so much stuff, snuck out of my house and everything. & then all of a sudden. One day he told me we needed a break and in 2 days it will be a month since we've been apart. I still think and cry of him everyday. I have been in love once before, and we dated for 8 months. I didn't start dating the guy i love right now until 8 months after my last relationship it hurt me so bad. its like i look at other guys and it seems hopeless that i will never let it go and be completely happy and forget him. Allthough ive been through this before. I see him everyday, we never speak a word. We had the mostr intimate relationship ever. but i guess that was then. i dont know what to do anymore. Ive be come strung out on drugs. not just because of him but for so many other reasons. no one knows except for my friends.

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ROSE72, Female, 38, USA, SAN ANTONIO 5-6-2008
men are not the answer to life you need to look within yourself and realize what is missing and figure out what you need to male you happy good luck

Dainagirl24, Female, 38, USA, Waycross 15-3-2007
i can tell u drugs aint the answer to anything. i do have addiction tho. i'm addicted to sex. i was married once at19 to a guy i honestly loved n he loved me but loved his trustfund more. we divorced after 6 months due to pressure from his mom n friends. i was a high school dropout poor n uneducated as his my mom said. i was hurt but i went on with life. i started gettin a lil depressed wen oneday one of his friends that talk bout me soo bad to him said hello to me and i turned this whole thing around. i followed him n ended up fucking him just for spite and made a game out of getting back at him by fucking everyone of his friends that low dogged me and i did everyone of them except 2 of them, i even slept with his sister. he isnt happy with those friends or me right now, just lern to adapt honey, u'll be fine. daina 24/f/ga

teamcoach, Male, 54, United Kingdom, dundee 14-4-2006
It's very strange that all the Brits are supporting you here and yes i to feel sorry for you. however you cant handle your lovers you get strung out on drugs and then think the Brits are stupid, come off it. stand back and look at yourself before you judge others.

sweetcarolina, Female, 34, United Kingdom, south 27-3-2006
i really feel for you, i had the same experience with a guy who broke up with me out of the blue after a year. 6 months later he's now dating my best friend. i have lost two people i was so close to and it kills me seeing them together. do you feel like no one could live up to them even if you begin to like someone else? i've moved on although i still love him. i know it really hurts but trust me, they're not worth it. you're so much better without him and you will get through it. X

kay, Female, 35, United Kingdom, Lincoln 9-3-2006
Losing a love like that, especialy when he ends it in such a harsh, selfish way is horrible, no ofece bt he sounds like an arsehole, ur sooo much better off without him. Concentrate on all the things you can do WITHOUT him, u ca catch up wiv friends, um go shoppin, go clubbing, study harder, spend more time with ur family, so many thngs, Keep busy n one day soon ul c him b able to thnk, im over you scumbag!! trust me, oo n write down all his negative bits, big or small n read them every day!! xxx

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