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yogibear, Female, 57, Canada, Newmarket

I really like this guy but i dont think he likes me back. He always flirts with me and stuff, but he doesn't want to get twith me cause of the distance.....what do I do? should I get really close to him or pull away,
I am really starting to like him.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 11-9-2008
u say its because of the distance that he doesnt want more. hell 2 me thats a good thing,but i dont want a steady b/f or g/f at this point either. i'm currently pursuing a minister thats hott as hell itself n i'm goin 2 land him b4 long. he says hes waiting on his bride 2 b,which he hasnt met yet,but god's goin 2 send her 1 of these days. god may send him his bride but not b4 i hav my fun with that tight lil ass of his. he jus doesnt kno. i'm never this aggressive,i mean i'm aggressive but jus not this aggressive. hes got trouble comin n her name is daina. u never kno he may convert me n make me turn from my sinful ways,yeah rite. oh hes not a virgin but hes keepin himself he says from here out 4 his heaven sent bride. temptation has a way 2 change minds.

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