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Everyone deserves a second chance

Marlee, Female, 30, Australia, Sydney

I am 18 years old and i was really close friends with this guy tat i go to skool with. like we were extremely close, you could say we r bestfrends or were i really don't know anymore. we were always together juse like bestfriends would be. then we started liking each other and one night at a party we hooked up. that night he was kinda being obsessive n that is one thing i don't like about guys. he had asked me out the same night and told me he loved me which i new wasn;t rlly tru because he had juss gotten over a gurl. anyways we decided that we would juss be frends over summer n see how things go. over summer he kept bothering me and we weren;t even together, like he would always accuse me of doing stuff and that lead to us not talking for a while. and now that we r back at school things aren't the same like we bearly talk or ahng out anymore and feelings have come back and i don't know what to do because i had a chance with him and i messed it up. i kind of also didnt wanna get with him because of another guy i liked at home. i really wanna talk to him about it but he seems happy now and i don't wanna go and confuse him now. I really don't know what to do. i miss how close we were before and it is wierd not really hanging out with him and stuff.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 38, USA, Waycross 11-9-2008
u had a chance with him n messed it up,thats not thinkin sweetie. u should b glad not 2 b n that relationship. do u kno how much hell he would've put u thru. hell look at wat he was doin 2 u without a committment 2 him. sur those were great memories with him,but its over n u need 2 jus go on. u dont hav 2 explain anythin 2 him,sumthings r truly better off left unsaid,trust me. i was married young n was a faithful wife but 1 day he came home n told me it was over he even told me y. his mom n friends didnt like me n his mom was goin 2 take his trustfund away if he didnt divorce me,which was worth millions,but i didnt marry 4 money,i did luv him,i luvd him soo much n it killed me 4 bit but i got thru it n went bac 2 my whore-ass ways n fuckin every friend of his that talked shit bout me,well all but 2 of them that moved away. wen he found out bout me n his friends he was soo damn mad n i rubbed it n as much as possible by bein seen out with them n bein as erotic as jenna jameson. they still come 2 the club sumtimes, i can tell they're braggin bout bein with a stripper n i've gotten sum great tips from them 2. marlee jus go out dont worry bout anythin,get that new guy n hav a blast. guys turn n 2 bastards alot of times after u hav sex with him n they think they own u cause they've made a deposit,thats jus guys,well sum guys,not all.

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