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wearing pantyhose

ddg35685, Male, 48, USA, spokane

i secretely wear pantyhose when my wife is not around. i left town for 3 days for a training and packed up a skirt, heels, blouse, bra and a few pair of pantyhose to wear and put in my bra. i left in the evening and stopped down the street to change into my female atire. after a few hours of driving i needed gas so i pulled off into a small town to get gas. i use my credit card so i dont have to go in but can get out in my pantyhose. i have even wore pantyhose under sweats and gone into stores in the dressing room and took pictures of my self in just pantyhose. the craziest thing i have done is walked into a clothing store with sweats and took my sweats off and wandered around in the clothing section with just pantyhose and a shirt on and took photos with people in the background. i love being so close to being caught but not actually getting caught.

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