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honest1973, Female, 48, USA, Cornwall

Dear Father please here my prayer,

Forgive me father for I have sinned. Since I was young I saw the truth in my dreams and in my vissions and my instincts. I lived a hard life and had to use my all for survival. I misued my own power of knowledge not believing in me and useing truth for what in energy I used for survival. To work to be energized or amped to mow the lawn watch my sister after school, cook, do housework, clean and than I was to tired to do homework. I smoked pot as a kid and thru highschool. I tried and I tried to read and do homework but I could not focus. I read the same sentence over and over and could not remember it. It did not matter, did I have clean clother for the next day, when I wake will I have to heat the water on the stoveto take a bath. After school will I babysit my sister and cook dinner and clean and can I make it thru the day if I have to mow the lawn and chop wood for fire and by the end of a day I was tired and angry. My parents worked two jobs and the loved us, but money was so tight. IRS stole my fathers busniess they lied and said no kids were living with us when all five were. We were well off, my mom and dad were so good. My mom was a woman who was a love of her first husband until he hit her and she miscarried. he drank all the time and hit her till she could not take it. she was shunned by her family for divorce and she wa a marter in Catholic church begging for forgiveness but they did not. My grandpartents were rich they spent everydimebegging church to accept her and my Dad. My Dad the man who is gentle hard working and the love of my moms life. She was a marter my mom, they never let her in but years later catholic church accepted divorce. I lived in Ct and was rich until all of this. Than we went onvacastion to Maine and our two dogs were cut loose by robbers and one bite a child they robbers took everything and peed and shit on the house threw pasta on the ceiling and never were caught. My dad apaid every past cent to the child for her pain as my dog was let go and hit by a car on the highway came back and the child was in my 2 achers and bite. he was hurt he did not know, he was beat before let go.

Father when I was three I dreamed truth and I woke begging for my mom and sxhe was before me for hours. WHen reality came I was crying for hours recieting the days events to come. THey took me to a sleep lab and nothing but I remember thru the years wakeing and my tongue was thick and I was in shock begging for my mom. When I dream I wake and my tongue is thick and I dream now or tomarrow or if I close my eyes and put my head back I see it, my instincts and vissions are it.

All my life I was pubished and told no and all I knew was not so, until it became so. No one listened to me.

Finally GOD, I wrote the National Science foundation and they showed me me. THey used technology and state of the art supercomputers and they read what I wrote for four years. I wrote my whole life. I wrote it all than and now in the moment and I was in charge of what seemed to be life.

The whole time GOd I trusted humanity to know the all, only they did not, GOD forgive me, Father forgive me for believing they could know what I thought not just read what I wrote. Father forgive me for seeiing special broadcasts to me of what I thought and believing they knew.

I tried my best, I saved lives I did, I proved climate is human created our breath is of the could is of the earth is of the space and karma is before in space it happens here. Mother earth speaks and humanity is the most powerful being ever. We are miracel, we can pray as a species and make the future of time become our own peace.

Father forgive me for giving up because I dont have the strength to use it for the wrong reason I know better now and I do for me now.

Im formal and everyday people and I give up the fight. Father the earth showed me and the planets were our organs and the milkyway was our own brain, the trees our and the dirt our and the very gems we dug and the gold and platumn and all is a magnetic polimer coating away from a gem a diamond shaped like a soccor ball surrounded by gems of colors magnetically dna coated to our own to a magnet is the energy not oil. I dreamed it all my life but humanity is so lost they cant even believe vwhat they sent to me.

im the birth of enisteins date of all equasion im 618 to eterninity, Im an uneducated one who made it into truths the most powerful in the world never get to know.

God forgive me, I give up, humanity is not ready and they did not come to me so I dont do for them as I have not been done for me.

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