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Too close for comfort

azrg08, Male, 40, USA, Phoenix

About six months ago I became friends with a girl I work with who was married to an abusive husband. I too was going through marital problems at the time. We became close friends, and she eventually divorced the guy (which is great, he was psychotic and very abusive).

During that time we became very close, like "emotional lovers" essentially. We both fell in love with each other, but knew we could never be together. The only physical contact we ever had was we hugged a couple of times, but in a friendly way. We never kissed, or held hands or anything.

Well now we stopped talking to each other. I'm glad we did. I'm glad we never took it to a further level than what it was. I feel terrible that we both let us have feelings for each other while being married. I have come to patch things up with my wife, and we love each other very much now.

While I am so glad nothing happened between this girl and I, I still feel terrible that we had that emotional bond. That is my confession.

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