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Love Confession

My ex is a weak man that lacks courage

multimedia, Female, 36, United Kingdom, London

I found out that I was pregnant by an older man. Did he support me? Make me feel that everything would be alright? No.. he told me that he did not want the responsibility of being a father, that he was too old and that no one could make him be a father if he didnot want to be one. Finally he threatened to kill himself

I really despise him. He is weak, self centred and a failure as a human being. I really wish that he would do the world a favour and just drop dead.

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Comments By Other Users

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
I'm with you on the 'drop dead' thing. He's useless! I have no time for self-pity like that.

azrg08, Male, 39, USA, Phoenix 23-10-2008
I am so sorry. Stay strong for your child.

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