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helpnxt, Male, 33, United Kingdom, crewe

i say i like her and that she is hot and everythin but really iam thinking get off my bak iam in love with one of my best mates even though ther is nowt i can do. and i have at least 2 girls obsessed with me and i kinda played em along a lil with no intention of anythin ever happenin even if iam pissed out my head ther is no way i wuld do anythin and i know one of these days iam goin to ave to break it to them

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stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago 11-5-2009
ahha, I was in that situation...except I was the obsessed girl...but that was waay back when I was young, stupid, and in uhm...6th grade...ahh middle school. Just go for it, just tell her...or did say mate, and see what happens. The worst she. again or he, can say

thirstykirsty, Female, 33, USA, LA 3-5-2006
Gee thanks for clearing that up so glad your normal.

helpnxt, Male, 33, United Kingdom, crewe 29-4-2006
the best m8 is a girl just for every1 to know

thirstykirsty, Female, 33, USA, LA 29-4-2006
cant understand where your coming from. you say your in love with one of yur best mates?? is that aother guy? are we talking queer or something, or what they now call gay or poof? i dont really get your drift.

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