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May God Forgive Me

harmony021992, Female, 39, Australia, townsville

before i found God i did awful things for which i am truely sorry:-

I have had 3 abortions
I have commited adultry
I have stolen

my God forgive a stupid women

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Shifu, Female, 32, Canada, winnipeg 13-11-2008
1. abortion is not a sin, of you don't want a kid then get rid of it. Techinally it's not even human. 2. Everyone has stolen. Unless you have stolen something over the price of $100.00 then there is no problem. 3.Your allowed to have sex. Are you christian? this is why I don't believe in god, all that comes from "believing" is shit.

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 5-11-2008
look dont b so hard on urself,shit happens. i was raise christian but have lived a devil from an early age. i hav ben drawn 2 sex since i was 8 wen i played show me urs n i'll show u mine. i lost my virginity 2 days b4 my 14th b-day 2 a guy i hated so i understand only i dont feel guilty 4 my sins. i've slept with 3 cousins n 1 of my uncles. i could go on but wont. just go on with ur life sweetheart

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