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Im in the beginning stage of addiction

beautifulxDisaster, Female, 36, USA, Thomasville

Recentley since i Have been through a bad breakup. That im still yet to be over, I have had family problems my moms on cocaine, I feel so overwhelmed by everything, and honestly I feel plain out alone. Im never happy. NEVER. and so iget high to get away from life. I just want to be normal, be happy normally, and I just cant seem to escape my problems through anything else. Drugs are my escape. Im falling harder right now im craving them. But since Im at school all day its hard but i have took them in most classes. I mean I just have this need, security, craving. But anyways, I could stop but i dont want to so what am i to do about that? my own stupidity.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 4-9-2008
drugs r always a dead end. i did sum drugs but mostly pot which i used as a aphrodisiac like i needed any help there. anyway i've always ben addicted 2 sex if theres an addiction n my life,thats it. u arent happy n all i can say is lifes 2 short 2 b unhappy. i've ben gangraped twice n raped another time by a jus 1 guy,but the 1st rape which was bad the second i dont remember much of it due 2 bein drugged for almos 3 days n waking up n the hospital with bruises n cracked ribs. i cant hav kids due 2 the scarring n the womb that took place,but i've lerned 2 look at my situation like a session of group sex,if i didnt it would bother me i'm sure. i turned my life around n u can 2. jus find the good n a situation or make urself believe its real. i'm not sure exactly how i did it but i did n i'm always happy. hope this helps.

giftlove77, Female, 38, USA, new york 29-12-2007
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Big Dave, Male, 52, United Kingdom, Slough 30-3-2006
Listen to the Kiwi he knows what he's on about. I've friends like you and I guess I'm a bit like you. Don't do it. I know it sounds cheesy but take it one day at a time. Start by getting a good days rest, a sunday for instance. Then on the Monday you'll be fresh and have no need to take any drugs while at college or school or work. Again fill that spare time with activity, sport, gym, run, walk anything but something that will take your mind off it. You'll be really surprised how strong you can be. Works for me, and like everyone else is saying you need afriend you can trust who is clean. Be strong babe and don't give up. Good luck x

kook&mamm, Male, 57, New Zealand, nelson 23-3-2006
Hi , sounds like you need some good friends, Ive have over the years used just about every drug available, and lets face it drugs are great thats why people want to take them, its why we need them in the first place and when to stop using them that has to be sorted out, seems like talking to your mum is out of the question until she gets things together, man I really know where you are at, I took a brake up really hard a few years ago and just went all out to prove that I was the man that was the one everybody should be around ,I was funny generous the life of all the parties and people loved me , the thing was I was constantly off my face and coming down hard er and harder but i couldnt stop, and I knew it ,and I was really sad, the drugs just took all the pain and anger away , and the friends that you make then have know idea what is going on, anyhow try to get someone you can trust to talk too, maybe get away from the curcil of people that are causing the pain for a while, look out for yourself you sound really strong and you understand what is happening around you , its not easy to stop taking stuff, because its easy to take stuff but a friend who you can scream to about it can sometimes help, hey take care . you are worth the world even if you dont feel that way now,

SimplyBecause, Male, 42, United Kingdom, London 11-3-2006
Hey, sorry to hear your situation. i think i can relate somehow. i almost messed up my life with drugs. got hooked at uni, started doing stupid things to support my habit, wound up doing time in jail. i suppose the thing that i really wanted to say was that i know what you're going through cos ive been there myself- but i managed to get out of it and i know you will too. talk to your friends and family- they really can help. feel free to chat to me if you want when you're on one of those crazy downers! take care.

kay, Female, 37, United Kingdom, Lincoln 9-3-2006
hi there, listen i totly understand, ive myself felt like in th same sit loads of times, n i kno wot its like to oly realy feel at peace whn ur high cn block everyhting out. The thngs ive learnt is 1) get help, there are ways, counselling, even jst a good friend to listen or an older fmily member u trust?2) know that ur r special, n worthwhile person n that u hav every right to hav a good life, ur mum has chosen th wrong path but YOU DONT HAVE TO. About bein happy again doin drugs is runnin away from ur problems, try writiin it all down n maybe face nn try n solve ur probs, n remember to b thankful n happy for real things , like a wonderful sunny day, laughter, friendshiip, love and things u love,like great music n art etc. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS. Kay frm th UK, X

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