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I Cheated

2233, Male, 43, India, New Delhi

I was getting involved with this girl and was about to get into a relationship when at the last minuted I decided to have relationship with the other one. This broke her heart because she was coming out of a disastrous break up. At that time I thought it was the best thing to do as she was very vulnerable.

However, later on the girl I started seeing, dumped me only in 3 months. Whatmore I started loving her. Now I am going through a miserable agaony of losing it all. I think my mistakes were heavy and I am paying a heavy price.

I am sorry to her, sorry for making her feel miserable..but I guess my misery and pain is harder, my suffering harsher. Hope she is happy where ever she is and I am sorry for this unfortunate episode and coward like act on my side.

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