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i cheated on my wife and myself

mat1975, Male, 46, India, calcutta

my greatest weakness or u can say sin is my lust,whenever i see a female (even sometime my family member i get dirty thoughts in my mind which i know is a big sin) i had plenty of affairs with different marriade ladies back in my hometown,and came across a marriade lady where i work and stay now(i am out of my hometown for job purpose).I had shared everything with her,and few years back got marriade my wife is staying with me only,inspite of having my wife i was carrying with this marriade lady and lied to my wife always,my wife is a very nice and very soft/caring person who never questioned me for anything i told her and she loves me alot,when i am with this marriade lady i forget my wife and the lust and devil takes controls over me but after commiting the sin when i come home i feel quilty,i cheated on my wife and have sins against our lord for which my whole family i going through a very bad time now,i have a daughter from my wife and now i want to change and want to confess my sins...i want to be faithful to my wife and want to live a true christian life,i want all my brothers and sisters who read this to pray for me to our lord jesus,i want to change my life with the help of our lord please pray for me and for my family

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