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lieing to our pastor

mat1975, Male, 46, India, calcutta

oh LORD i am sorry and beg to you for forgiveness,i marriade a divoice lady but when i went to our pastor to arrange our marriage i lied to him saying she is unmarriade,i lied to you oh LORD and have broken your holy sacrament,please LORD have mercy on me and my family,you are a loving father who has forgiven his childrens no matter how big the sin is......LORD my family is going through a very difficult time now,my small daughter (who is innocent and not a part of this sin which we have commited) has not seen her mom for the last 2 months,please LORD have mercy on me and my family and bring our life back to normal,i beg to all my brothers and sisters who read this to pray for me and for my family.

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creative, Male, 54, United Kingdom, Manchester 15-1-2009
God is good and forgives. Do not sin from now on. Be true to yourself and others that way you can hold your head up. Now put this behind you and go forward a better person.


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