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Love Confession

working lie

milly, Female, 46, United Kingdom, none

Hi my confession is that I think I love a person that i work with. he know not of how i feel. Why I don't ask him out is that i feel that he will turn me down. we work together so it's hard to put myself through the rejection. He's a player I can tell, he's very flirty and like to get close up to people. I on the other hand am not a match for his flairy nature. So I will have to keep it to myself for now. I feel I have gotten used to hiding this form him, it's not easy but I can do it. I have been out with men like him before and it's always ended badly. so why should i put myself in the firing line again. On the other hand he's hot and I cant help being attracted to him, the trouble is I think all women will feel like this about him, and it wouldn't be long before he goes else where
I just had to put this out there. advice welcome
see ya

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