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i want to repent from masturbation

kanga999, Male, 31, Philippines, bacolod

it hurts to me... im so addicted and i want to break free. i dont really know if it is a mortal sin, because everybody says "its normal" or "everybody's doing it". i have been doing so much. i asked God's forgiveness for too many times. i even wore a scapular. but i cant stop. im 13 and want to go back to my normal life. i love God so much and i dont want to disobey Him. help me.

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creative, Male, 54, United Kingdom, Manchester 15-1-2009
What you are doing is totally normal You are not letting anybody down. you are becoming sexually mature and you are exploring yourself. There is nothing bad in that. you will grow up and get a partner, just like everyone else. Don't worry.

MagicMoonWolf, Male, 71, United Kingdom, manchester 5-12-2008
I hateeeeeeeeee when people think masturbating is wrong and disobeying god! god is fine with people masturbating, you're a kid, you want to pleasure yourself while you're too young to have sex. it's nature, and you can do whatever you want in the privacy so stop that stupidness righhht nowwwwwwwwww

haunted, Female, 34, USA, Philadelphia 12-11-2008
Sweetheart, you're fine. Don't worry about it so much. You aren't hurting anyone, you aren't hurting yourself, what can be wrong?

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