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I Still Hold It Against Him

phoenix, Female, 37, Canada, London

Three years ago my fiancee and I broke up. I found out that he was with another woman while he was with me and he broke up with me to be with yet another woman. Although he realized that I was the one he wanted and after allot of work we finally got back together and now we have one child and another on the way I still find myself blaming him and holding it against him. I know for a fact he wouldn't do it now, I knew he was before he told me before, but I'm still so scared that I'm wrong and he will. I still get scared whenever he talks to another woman and find myself getting possessive. I still blame him for leaving me and cannot open my heart all the way to him but I do hope to one day change that.

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Smokeater, Male, 59, Canada, Hamilton 15-1-2009
I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same thing with my ex, and never fully recovered. That led to my losing all respect for her and to myself having a series of affairs.

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