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ginam12, Female, 53, USA, Bettendorf

I worked for an Attorney for the past six years. About three years ago I started getting in to some financial problems. Lost my house, my husband's vehicle, couldn't pay utilities, etc. I figured out a way to take money from my bosses trust account at work. I only did this when I was in desperate need. Anyway, about three months ago my boss found out and I was let go. He didn't press charges, but we are working on getting the exact numbers together for me to start paying him back. He said it was between $4,000 - $4,600. They kept my last paycheck and my retirement savings, which is probably about $3,000, so it shouldn't be that much. I am just waiting for the final number after subtracting what they already got from me.

I now work in another lawfirm in town. Today my old boss called here to talk to one of the attorneys. I wasn't able to tell him it was me who answered the phone and I just feel so bad. I can't stop crying here at work whenever I think of him. He was the best boss anyone could have ever asked for and I dissappointed him like this.

I don't know if I will ever get over this. I am depressed all fo the time. I have three children and should not be feeling this way, because they can see it.

I want to move to another state and just forget this ever happened.

I am so sad.

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Comments By Other Users

NotHalfOfIt, Male, 32, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009
I'll bet confessing that made you feel better but the only thing to do to get you out of the depression is to make your peace with it. Tell him how you feel and explain why. He may understand and his feelings may be mended and in return so will yours. But in the mean time act happy. Because nothing will mess up a child more then seeing their parents in pain. Good luck =)

confusedlad, Male, 35, India, India 29-12-2008
How sad.. Good luck .hopefully you can be in position to return his money back and your honesty

Jesuslover, Female, 30, USA, Florida 16-12-2008
Runing away won't help just apologise and tell him how sorry you are.


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