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Love Confession

does evil and good forces exists?

blackstar, Female, 39, United Kingdom, cheltenham

Ok well here it goes: I feel as if I am being hunted by a evil force from a black durid. I met him through the internet chat room. At first everything was going ok and I fell in love with him in the first place. I felt like I could talk to him about anything as if you would with a mate. Then suddenly I have this dream where there are five men in black cloaks ready to do some sort of sex ritual on me. One man said "is it in her mouth?" Then they suddenly disapeared. Now I feel as if he has a EVIL force of some sort of spell on me to make sure that I will always be waiting for him no matter what. I have told my friends that I know that I wittnessed him having sex with both a male and a female. I really do feel as if he is draining my spiritual energy and I know that time is now runing out!
What do I know he might like that sort of thing? Now I know he is a evil sex manaic. I feel like I need another force a GOOD PURE force to get me through this. I know that I DID LOVE him but not now. I feel as if he has kicked me out of heaven and pulled me into black hell. This went against my wishes so I am finally left in everyday life! Please help me and protect me from this guy.
I know that I am partly to blame in having to see it through my eyes. That is what I am sorry for I only want him to have his soul back. So that I can too have mine back and when I die I want to go into heaven. PLEASE GRANT ME A GOOD HELPING HAND ON THIS. I dont want to be evil god knows where my soul came from, god knows where my soul came from, god knows where my soul came from!

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