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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 70, United Kingdom, manchester

Dear Diary, lol... I go out howling everynight coz I am a wolf furry, I do it with my copying parrot toys so it sounds like a whole wolf pack and no one is to know it is me who is howling coz the neighbors might complain and my mum wiull be annoyed and bann me from going outside I bet. I am surrounded by I wall so no one can see in unless they acticly climb the wall to look over which kids do but it is winter now and there are hardly any kids around to do this. one of the neighbors has seen me though, I teenage boy of 18 trying to whach tv in his bedroom, I was standing near my wall and he came to the window and I wasnt sure if there was anyone at the window or not. when I went quiet he finally shouted shut the noise up so I went away to howl (it's his fault for having his window open, he should keep it shut and have his volume up instead of spoiling my fun).

I've been howling since halloween when I dressed up as a wolf and since then I had lots of fun doing it so I'm addicted. I couldnt do it tonight because it was raining but yesterday, I howled near the wall but out of site to scare peope walking passes(or at least to make them curious) and I look over to see if it worked when a bloke walked passed, another bloke was standing there in his garden looking right at me, I thought oh shit I'v ebeen spotted and I was embarrassed, I didn't want to stop howling coz he would think that I was intimidated coz of him seeing me so I just went away from the wall and continued howling, well the parrots did

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