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wolf toy, my dad thinks I'M babyish or loony

MagicMoonWolf, Male, 70, United Kingdom, manchester

my dad thinks that you should grow out of toys at the age of something ridiculous like 10 and whenever I tell him what i want for brithdays and chrismases he responds with "aren t you too old for that now". does it really matter? I like what I like, I'm not just going to ask for something that is grown up if I don't want it. my dad scolds everything I like, people, animals, my interests and yet I try my best to be a good child for him and he constantly judges me when I like something.

for christmas I want wolf toys and he said where am I GOING to get that from. I said they do a variaty of animals at most toy shops, it wont be hard. he said that if I go to a toy shop and ask for wolves, the helper will call him a loony and show him to the door. oh grow up, they do lots of animals at toy shop s and they wouldn't do wolves? that'd be stupid.
I am not babyish am I? I am who I am, like what I like, I'm not going to change that to suit other people

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Ashamed, Female, 30, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009
Everyone still has their child spirit in them and lucky you has let it out to be free. I bet even your dad has a child in their some where if not just call him scrooge! lol

heartache, Female, 43, Canada, sudbury 19-12-2008
your father is doing a very mean thing to you. i have 2 kids i would never tell them that what they want is stupid and that they are looney. dont listen to him i know that these words can last a lifetime. be proud of who you are. and be proud of what you like that makes you who are are. merry christmas.

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