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Love Confession

"my feelings for you have changed" ?! ...bull.

redshutters, Female, 35, Venezuela, Italy

my boyfriend's feelings for me have "changed." he claims there's no other girl. we were best friends, fell in love, and now it's just "gone." i don't know what to do. i love him so much but at the same time i hate him for what he's doing to himself and me. i truly believe we were in love, and it kills me to see it gone.
i am so angry with men and just want to let all you males out there know that screwing with a girl's emotions is despicable and all you who are doing this should be ashamed.
and to my ex:
you were a horrible kisser and you are NOT funny.

anyone else in a similar situation?

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Comments By Other Users

CAA, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Poole 23-12-2008
I was friends with a guy for 10 years and we have always had what you could call a 'spark' about 2 years he and few mates met up with me and a few of my mates but I had a bf and he knew it. He started to like my freind but after a holiday together it was obvious me and him had a special relationship so I finished with my boyfreind and started to date this guy. We were together for a year and a half when I started university, I came back every weekend to see him though. It felt different but I tried hard to make it work. ABout 6 weeks ago he told me we were on a break and I was upset but accepted it. We still spoke each night until one night I rung him and he was very nasty and told me not to bother him. I have just found out he is seeing someone new but I still love him so much. I cry everyday and it hurts me. Our relationship was amazing and I just want to know why its actaully over because I have had no explanation. Every time I try to contact him he ignores my calls. I just want to know why it has happened! We share the same freinds which makes it so much harder !

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