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iheartmusic, Female, 30, USA, Milwaukee

Over the summer, a friend and I made a fake myspace. We used a picture of a guy we don't know and created his profile to be this typical skater kid. We had the intentions to add some people we didn't like and view their pages, their secrets, and maybe even mess with them a bit. Because the picture we picked for the myspace was goodlooking, a lot of random people we didnt know add "him" as a friend. All these people tell me all their business thinking I'm such a good looking guy. People tell me their lives, give me their addresses and tell me to meet them places. It's really like I have two lives. My own, and this myspace I pretend to be. I get a thrill knowing I am fooling these people. I also feel a strange connection for these people, as if they are my friends, and I know them. When I am on this myspace, I can be whomever and say whatever. But in some ways, I feel bad that these people think i am someone, which when really, I am just me.

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MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
That is SO cool, and SO naughty. I guess everyone has a split personality, but now you can live yours out without ANYONE knowing and have NO shame. I envy you.


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