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She drives me crazy.

iheartmusic, Female, 30, USA, Milwaukee

Two summers ago, I met this girl at a party. She drove me insane. She was dirty, and loud, and whiney, and screechy. I avoided her as much as possibly any time after that. In highschool, we had classes together, and i grew to like her. She just, grew on me, and she wasnt that bad.
This previous summer, we hung out a lot and told eachother everything. And she said she liked this guy, that a best friend of mine had liked. This guy liked my best friend as well. He asked her to homecoming and told her she was the prettiest girl hed ever met. The day before homecoming, he told me friend she was ugly and he didnt like her, it was a joke. Well this guy, was telling the girl (that i didnt used to like ) she was the prettiest girl and all that of that stuff. As a friend, i told her what he had done and his reputation. She told me he seemed genuine. and i shrugged it off and said whatever. she became mad at me, as if i was i was telling her what to do. and i told her i was only looking out for her. she refused to listen to me and talk to me.
we ended up being at the same party a few days later and she REFUSED to even look at me. she was being completely out of line.
school started and we just, shrugged it off like it never happened and decided to become friends again. just because we reallly liked eachothers company.
One day before school, she asked to borrow a book of mine for a class she had before i had it. i had about 10 pages of notes folded up and stuck inside the middle. They were stuck in there, so there was no way they could fall out. She gave me the book back later, and all the notes were gone. When i confronted her, she had this stupid look on her face and she told me she would 'look for them' and i told her 'you better look for them!' later she told me she looked everwhere and they were no where to be found. she lost all my hardwork.
everything was fine forawhile. just recently she won concert tickets and invited me to go and i couldnt. now. everychance she gets. she talks bout how good the concert was and how i should have went.
now, a few days ago, on a whim. she tried out for the school play. a good friend of mine, a devoted theater person, tried out as well. she didnt get anything. and this girl DID. a MAIN ROLE to be exact. and now, she talks about it, constantly, infront of all the people who didnt get a party, and that are much more devoted than herself. She is becoming one of those people, that only talks about themselves. You tell a story, and the same thing has happened to her. You say something, she can top it with something better. Anything you can do, she can do better. Everything about her drives me crazy, yet i like being her friend. She is whiney, and bratty, and she claims nothing ever goes her way when it really does, and she knows it. and brags about it all the time. help... ADVICE anyone? what should i do? sometimes i just want to push her off a cliff and hope she hits every rock on the way down.

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NotHalfOfIt, Male, 32, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009
Life isn't something to fuck about with. She sounds like a really discusting person to me. One who you shouldn't waste time dealing with or putting up with because you feel you have to. You seem to have other friends so fade her out and stick with the friends that mean more to you instead of one whos ambission in life seems to be feeding her ego. So basically tell her to get a life and bugger off =)


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