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Im gay... but I have a big crush on a really close girl friend of mine

justme537, Male, 29, USA, Punta Gorda

I identify myself as gay, and I hold true to that. I would rather date (and be sexually active) with a man than a woman. But as of recently, I began feeling this intense emotional attraction to a really close friend, and she just so happens to be a girl... I really want to know what it would be like to date her. And I can seriously see myself dating her, holding her hand, cuddling with her at the movies, and kissing her (I'm not so sure i could see myself getting romantically physical though) I want to tell her, but I'm worried about what she'd say, and I dont want to jeapordize my friendship with her, especially because her and I plan to go to the same college, and she said that I could live with her if I couldn't find a place to live. If there is anyone out there with advice... help!

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hmmwhatev, Female, 36, USA, nowhere 5-5-2009
It happens. I have at least 20 gay male friends and at least half of them have had crushes on me. I've learned from experience that it would never ever work. You are who you are. To explore it would only mean possible heartache, and maybe even the end of a good friendship. You're only eighteen and it's natural to question your sexuality, but if you know in your heart that you are homosexual there is nothing you can do, think, say, or try that will change that. And I totally agree with the last comment. If she is a true friend to you then you guys will work it out together and come to the best solution. I wish you the best of luck!

Jesuslover, Female, 30, USA, Florida 16-12-2008
If she is really a good friend she will help you figure out what you really want


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