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Love Confession


lainey68, Female, 54, USA, La Plata

There is a guy that I have had a crush on for almost 3 years. I've watched him go from girl to girl. He was even engaged. He totally blows me off because I'm not his type. I want so badly to get over him, but he is in my heart. I hate unrequited feelings.

I am overweight, shy and just not pretty. I wish I were the opposite of those things.

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Comments By Other Users

philatio, Male, 63, USA, cali 30-5-2009
if your overweight you probably have big tits. put em in his face and suck his cock

sianuk, Female, 35, United Kingdom, wales 4-1-2009
My veiw on this is, i know it is hard for someone to say you just have to get over him, because we know that its not as simple as that, but i think you should try and move on, there isnt any doubting that you have tried doing that already and havent suceeded, but there is someone for you out there. And if you feel like this and he treats you bad then your too good for him! hes obviously not worth it, let him screw up his life, but you move on and show him what he has lost out on ! :)

Whyme120, Female, 39, USA, whoknows 10-12-2008
Omg! I have the same problems as you. Except I have been in love with the guy almost my entire life..he was my first crush (2nd grade) and now I'm 24 and still can't get over him. This summer he was single and we had fun but now he has a girlfriend. I'm totally heartbroken again. Is there any hope for us?

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