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Love Confession

I did commit mistakes

rioang, Female, 38, India, Bangalore

I just want to confess my mistake which I have committed.
I am in a relationship (physical and emotional) with a guy from past 3 years.
I have been involved sexually with this person and have sex several times in last 3 years.
This guy comes to meet me only when I am at my home alone and then after having few mins chat we make love. We never meet each other outside or weekend though we live near by. I am very well aware of the fact that he is not going to get married to me, and he had some other relationship with other girls as well. Once I already caught him red handed. By knowing this entire incident I am still not able to come out of this guy. I know I am wrong at my part. I just want to get rid of this strong feelings what I have for him. Please suggest something to me.

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rioang, Female, 38, India, Bangalore 9-5-2009
Thanks guys for understanding my prob....nowdays i started avoiding him...and not him..but wen i goto bed to tears dont allow me to i am thinkin all those monemts whole nite...n keep on crying....for commitin such a BIG mistake in my life...... M really feeling damn guilt abt it...i dont know how to recollect all my strength and become a strong gurl..... I jus cant avoid those moments......dont know wat to do??

rioang, Female, 38, India, Bangalore 4-4-2009
Yes I know, he is using me..please suggest me that i can try to come out of this situation.. I m really fed up of this...and hurt myself all day....

theboss, Male, 77, Zambia, Chipata 13-1-2009
He's using you. You know that. And he knows you know. As long as you go on allowing him to come round for a free poke, he'll go on doing it. After all, whose life is going down the drain? His or yours?

samjoseph26, Male, 41, USA, Texas 18-12-2008
hii dear...happened is happened. ok do let me know how he makes sure no one is at ur home when he comes...bcoz it gonna play a role in avoiding him. ok ya. got it..let know howz it..then we can find a sol 4 ever...have a nice day..

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